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Van and Passenger Van Rental - FAQ

How long in advance shall I book a van/passenger van?

We recommend you to book the van or passenger van 3-4 days in advance, ideally through the booking form. We will confirm the booking per email or propose an alternative solution. Passenger vans is better to book couple of weeks in advance.

Is it possible to deliver vans or passenger vans to required locations?

Yes, if agreed, we can deliver the van or passenger van to you and pick it up later on.

What are opening hours of the Van and Passenger Van Rental?

We open Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm.

How old are vans and passenger vans?

The average age of "A" class vans is 7 years, "B" class 3 years and 1 year at passenger vans. The rental fleet has been continuously renewing. Furthermore, all our vans and passenger vans are maintained in a shorter than recommended period. Compare to other van rentals we present real pictures of offered vans and passenger vans on the web sites.

Can I rent a van or passenger van for longer period?

Vans and passenger vans can be rented even for an unlimited period. Write or call us your demand and we will create a quotation for you.

Can I rent a van or passenger van with a driver?

Yes, we can provide the van or passenger van with the driver. The driver can be English speaking if needed.

Are vans and passenger vans rented with Collision Damage Waiver?

Yes, all vans and passenger vans are rented with Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), including windshield insurance. All vans and passenger vans are available with a premium road assistance.

Is any deposit required to be paid for renting a van or passenger van?

Yes, a refundable deposit equal to CDW liability needs to be paid. A standard amount is 10 000,- CZK, with a supplementary insurance could be lowered to 5 000,-. In case of traveling abroad the deposit of 30 000,- CZK is requested. The deposit has to be paid in cash. Customers with a general contract are not requested to pay the deposit.

Is it possible to rent a van or passenger van without any mileage limit?

Every van or passenger van is rented with a contracted limit of mileage that is sufficient for very most of customers. If the limit is not enough we arrange a contract with you accordingly.

Do I have to refuel vans or passenger vans at given petrol stations?

It is not requested but a van or passenger van has to be refueled before handed over (vans and passenger vans are given to you with a full tank). The refuelling should take place at the nearest petrol station from the place of hand over. Keep a receipt in order to validate a fuel gauge. It is not allowed to refuel any eco diesel.

Can I pay a rent by a bank card in case a van or passenger van is picked up?

The bank cards acceptance is for the time being possible just at our head office in Prague.

Can I pay a deposit by a bank card?

In case of paying deposit by a bank card, it is necessary to fill a bank form before the vehicle handover. The form must include all bank card details even CVC code - because of this we recommend to pay the deposit by cash.